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Sky-Shop.pl shop platform in response to the development of the e-commerce market

In 2016, the e-commerce market in Poland recorded a significant growth, but according to the forecasts of specialists it is expected to be even better. This is related to the growing popularity of online shopping. That's why companies should start fighting for customers on the web. How best to set up an online store? The situation on the market is analysed by experts from the Sky-Shop.pl store platform.

Polish e-commerce segment

According to the latest report "E-commerce in Poland. Gemius for e-Commerce Poland" 48% of Polish Internet users buy online.

gemmius ecommerce

Source: https://www.gemius.pl/

However, the number of consumers who shop online will increase in the coming years. This is due to the convenience of online commerce and better prices in online shops than in stationary stores. However, according to the Sociomantic Labs report "E-commerce Barometer 2016", the market value in 2020 is expected to reach 63 billion PLN. What do such forecasts mean for entrepreneurs? It is definitely a good time to expand sales channels and open an online store. Thanks to this, companies will not only increase profits, but also respond to the needs of customers, which is important in the light of the strong competition and increasingly popular brand creation strategy.

Setting up an online store

There are many solutions on the market to open an online store. The choice of the right shop platform should depend on the individual conditions of e-business. Large companies with a complex product base are often recommended to use a dedicated solution. IT specialists, on the other hand, usually use free software. On the other hand, small and medium-sized enterprises rely on ready-made shop platforms, which provide a full sales tool in exchange for a low subscription payment. Setting up a ready-made online store minimises the barrier to entry into the e-commerce market due to the low costs incurred by the entrepreneur at the start. Moreover, in order to run a subscription e-shop you do not need any programming skills - the platforms are intuitive and easy to use. The hosting, security and development of the site is supervised by a team of technicians. A big advantage of opening a ready-made website is also the speed of configuration. The process of preparing the store for sale can take only two weeks. Thanks to this, the brand opens up to new customers in a short time and starts earning money. Opening an Internet shop for a subscription is enabled by M's Sky-Shop.pl shop platform.

Sky-Shop.pl software capabilities

Sky-Shop.pl is a proprietary software for online shops. The brand has been present on the market for 7 years, so it knows the needs of its customers and follows the trends in e-commerce. The proof of this is the award for the Sky-Shop.pl platform in the prestigious Ekomersy competition in the category of the best shop platform.

The platform is being developed thanks to a multitude of qualified programmers who are in constant contact with the users via live chat on the site, e-mail and telephone. The administration panel has been designed with the view of the recipients in mind - it is functional and intuitive at the same time. In addition, there is a help system, which makes work much easier. Sky-Shop.pl team realizes that attractive graphics of the online store is important for sales results. Therefore, the team created free and paid visual templates, which users can customize with the help of a webmaster editor. Each skin is friendly to mobile devices, which is essential in the age of new technology. The platform also enables the management of sales logistics at the subscription price, i.e. integration of the e-shop with couriers, fast payments and accounting and warehousing systems. The software also offers a wide range of promotion and sales opportunities in many channels, e.g. on Allegro or price and opinion comparison engines.

Also noteworthy are the innovative functionalities of the Sky-Shop.pl store platform. The software stands out on the market primarily through its integration module with wholesalers. With a few clicks, the user can download products from the supplier to his shop together with descriptions, images, prices and other parameters. Moreover, the stock is updated even 8x a day, which minimizes the probability of selling goods that are temporarily not available in the offer. The number of wholesalers is also impressive - Sky-Shop.pl is integrated with about 150 suppliers, including drophippers. Noteworthy is also the MultiStore module, which allows for running multiple online stores in one administration panel. The brand intensively shares its knowledge with the audience, as shown by the Sky-Shop.pl blog. Specialists write articles, create guides and run Webinars. The team believes that the success of online store owners is their success. Good results of online salesmen motivate the team to further work and develop the software.

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