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Respondent websites

According to the results of the Gemius/PBI research: in October 2017, 21.3 million Poles used smartphones and tablets to browse the Internet. Mobile solutions are becoming increasingly popular primarily because they are convenient to use and provide network access anytime, anywhere. In order to meet consumer expectations, companies strive to be online and provide access to online content from the position of mobile devices - smartphones and tablets. This can be achieved, among other things, by implementing a responsive website.

What is a responsive website?

Responsie Web Design (RWD) pages are designed so that their layout automatically adjusts to the size of the screen where the content is displayed. The advantage of the solution is that by creating one version of the page, any changes are reflected regardless of the screen diagonal on: laptop, smartphone or tablet. A responsive website also includes clear font, large pictures, legible descriptions and navigation to suit your device. In RWD technology, not only a standard company website or online store can be made, but also virtually any other type of website.

Benefits of implementing a responsive website

The RWD website is supported by the fact that Google promotes websites that look good on every device. Thus designed in this way, websites are displayed in higher positions of the search engine, and this can be an element of building a competitive advantage of the company. Moreover, consumers like the feeling of comfort when surfing the web, so providing them with convenient access to online content and products from any mobile device can be one of the factors that enable companies to reach a regular audience.

Party execution order - what to consider?

A responsive website is an investment for a company that needs to be properly prepared for. It is very important to choose a service provider - you can start by browsing the Internet and see examples of solutions on the website stronywarszawa.pl. The following factors should also be considered before making a decision:

  • service provider's experience in designing responsive websites - it is worthwhile to get acquainted with the portfolio of completed projects and view operating websites using a mobile device,

  • individual approach to the customer - creating a responsive technology website requires the preparation of a project that should be created according to the customer's expectations and take into account the possibilities and technical limitations of the solution,

  • guarantee for the prepared and implemented website - it is important that the project is covered by a guarantee, which will allow for possible corrections after its implementation,

  • designing a website with a CMS system - an easy to use system that allows you to make changes on your own, for example, inserting new products, changing photos and content,

Consumers are increasingly eager to use the Internet and like to do so comfortably, so shopping without leaving home is already standard, as is access to websites and online shops via any mobile device anywhere and anytime. Companies that want to retain existing customers and gain new ones should meet consumer expectations and consider implementing a solution such as a responsive website.

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