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Janus - manufacturer of professional chains

Probably few of us are aware of this, but drive chains are the basis for building many machines and equipment. It is therefore very important that they are reliable. Otherwise, frequent breakdowns will occur in many production halls, and this will affect the continuity of product production. No company wants the job to stop for at least a few hours, because it has a colossal impact on earnings. Downtime in production can generate huge financial losses, so it is essential that the machines run flawlessly for many years. Janus can help entrepreneurs in this matter.

Janus activities

Since 1980, Janus has specialised in the production of various types of drive chains. Each model is designed to meet all requirements of ISO, PN and DIN standards. The offer of Janus company includes, among others, roller chains, sleeves, S-type roller chains, plate chains, pins and conveyor chains.

In addition, the company's specialists design and manufacture special chains that comply with the requirements and documentation provided by customers. Therefore, if we are looking for a place where a particular type of product can be easily made, the Janus company will meet all the expectations of its contractors.

Janus chains

Chains offered by Janus

Drive chains are the basis of many machines. These include type A or B roller chains. They are made of special rollers that have been fixed to the pins. They are most often used in devices with higher requirements, e.g. in the packaging industry, printing, food and agricultural industry and for machine manufacturing. They have high strength. The Janus company places great emphasis on the quality of manufactured products, thanks to which the chains are resistant to weather conditions and rarely fail. This is also influenced by the use of thicker plates in the production process of individual models.

A very interesting type of chains produced by Janus are redler type chains. These are scraper conveyor chains. They are used, among others, in metallurgical, cement, mining and agricultural industries. These chains have special cardboards, which are designed on special request of the clients. This ensures that each part fits perfectly into the machines in which it is to be used.

For Janus employees, quality is important and therefore the chains are controlled by the Quality Control Department at every stage of the production process. This ensures that customers receive a product that is perfectly adapted to their needs. For chains to perform their function for many years, they must be very durable and resistant to changing weather conditions.

In addition to chains, Janus also offers other services such as grinding, plasma firing (sheet metal cutting), milling and machining.

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