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Huawei smartphones in Dragonist offer

The smartphone has become an indispensable gadget for most of us, which makes our life much easier. Its basic function, which is to communicate over the phone with other people, is only one of the very few that it offers us. Among the leaders of smartphone makers, Huawei stands out. Why buy a smartphone of this brand? What are the best Huawei smartphones on offer at Dragonist.pl?

Why Huawei?

Huawei is an international corporation, founded in 1987 in China. Since 2012, it has been the world's largest manufacturer of telecommunications equipment. The founder of the company is Ren Zhengfei. The name of the company has two meanings: "a great achievement" and "China can". Both of them are extremely accurate. Huawei definitely stands out from other smartphone brands. Its extraordinary achievement is the fact that in a very short period of time it has become one of the leading companies producing smartphones from a third league brand. What qualities make Huawei's smartphones so popular and the brand has achieved worldwide success?

1. top quality workmanship

Huawei devices are characterized by excellent workmanship. Many models have housings that are almost entirely made of metal. All the elements are precisely matched together. For production, top shelf materials are used, which guarantees high durability of the device.

2 Interesting features

Among the advantages of the Huawei brand are also well thought-out features for advanced users. These are all kinds of small facilitation measures, but they make the use of these devices much more pleasant.

3. affordable prices

The undeniable advantage of this brand of smartphones is a very good price/quality ratio. Thanks to this, people with less financial possibilities can enjoy top-notch devices.
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Offer of the Dragonist.pl store

W Internet shop Dragonist.pl you can find the best Huawei smartphones. Here are some of them:

Huawei Honor 10 64GB is an exceptionally impressive smartphone distinguished by its original design and slender silhouette. The 24 Mpix front camera has a 3D mapping function, which enhances our beauty, improves skin colour and eliminates imperfections. The smartphone also has a FullView screen, which fills the fuller picture in games and movies. It also provides space for creating and processing images using AR stickers. A fingerprint reader sunk in the glass ensures safety.

Huawei Mate 20 Lite is a top quality smartphone with a 6.3" FullView 6.3" screen, which guarantees an extraordinary image quality. The device is also equipped with four cameras - two at the front and two at the back. Thanks to Huawei Mate 20 Lite you will take delightful, artistic pictures. The smartphone also provides extremely comfortable use. It is very handy and lies comfortably in your hand. The 3750 mAh battery with fast charging function ensures convenient use without worrying that the device will fall at the least appropriate time.

The Huawei Mate 20 PRO 128GB smartphone is a smartphone covered by two three-dimensional glass panes. It has a Kirin 980 processor, so it works really fast and efficient. Its triple camera allows you to take perfect pictures. The security of the device is ensured by the fingerprint reader and the three-dimensional facial features scan function. The 4200 mAh battery with a quick charge function can reach up to 70% charge in 30 minutes.

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