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In mid-2016 a fiscal tablet will be launched on the market. Combines the functions of a fiscal printer, card reader and traditional mobile device

Modern tablet

Innova is working on a fiscal tablet, an innovative device that will facilitate the sales process. The tablet will combine the features of a traditional mobile device and other certified equipment, including a fiscal printer. The user will be able to accept card payments and manage the logistics centre. The project budget is over PLN 4 million. The product will be on sale in mid-2016.

- The fiscal tablet is an innovative device in many respects. Technological considerations are important. It is a device that connects several worlds that have not been connected by anyone so far, and this is because they are strictly certified worlds - says Michał Pawłowski, Vice-President of the Management Board of Innova SA, Newseria Biznes agency.

In addition to the fiscal printer function, the tablet is designed to enable the user to create electronic copies of printed bills, scan barcodes and process payments with payment cards. In addition, it will have all the features of a traditional tablet with the ability to install its own software, such as the one used for warehouse management.

- The device is intended primarily for sales systems where fiscal equipment is needed, strictly certified, regulated, as well as payment terminals, which are also subject to certification - explains Michał Pawłowski.

The tablet is intended to combine the functions of all certified devices used in the sales process. Thanks to it, running a business will be much easier and at the same time all requirements set by Polish law will be met.

- Working with the tablet will be like working with everyday devices, such as smartphones and tablets, which are very intuitive and easy to use," the expert adds.

You will also be able to use the tablet in many other areas. Thanks to fiscal and non-fiscal solutions, the device will be suitable for use in logistics systems, among others. The second advantage is the ease of introducing additional services, such as electronic payment processing. In Poland, the percentage of points of sale that accept this form of payment is still low. He thinks the tablet will change that.

- The tablet will be on sale in May or June 2016 and immediately in several versions for different industries. The possibilities of commercialization are huge and we already have many customers waiting for this device - says Pawłowski.

The cost of developing and introducing the tablet to the market is estimated at over PLN 4 million. The project is financed from the company's own resources and the funds of the National Centre for Research and Development, which provided support under the INNOTECH programme. This is a path for hi-tech solutions, and Innova received a total of PLN 1.85 million in this respect.

- In the sector of sales systems, i.e. sales equipment, we carry out several projects together. We are working to handle the full sales process, which includes electronic payments, fiscalisation and industry applications both in stationary and mobile facilities - explains Michał Pawłowski.

Source: www.biznes.newseria.pl

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