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Product photography, which is an essential part of every online store

Today, when we are surrounded by advertisements from everywhere, we pay special attention only to those products that will delight and interest us from the first moment on. Therefore, from the seller's point of view, it is extremely important to make a good first impression as on a first date. There's no need to fool around. We buy mostly with our eyes. Only when we like something visually, we decide to click on the product and learn more about it. So how to achieve such an effect? Here is a short guide to product photography to make it much easier.

Product photography - a dynamically developing branch of photographic art

There is a huge demand for pictures that present products in the e-commerce industry in the best possible way. The salespeople are aware of this, which is why they increasingly use the services of professional companies. Thanks to a lot of interest from customers, the product photography industry has a chance to develop. New technologies are emerging that increase the capabilities of photographic companies.

Packshot - how can a detail have a colossal meaning

One of them is the so-called packshot, i.e. pictures showing a single product on a uniform background. They are taken from several different shots, so that the presented object is shown in the best possible light. They are usually made against a white background, although this is not necessary. Thanks to this technique, the unique features of the photographed thing are more than satisfactory.

product photography

360°/3D photos - products shown at their best

These photographs have been gaining in popularity recently. The customer likes to be able to see the product he is going to buy online as if he were holding it in his hand. So from all sides and preferably from top to bottom. This is all possible with 360° and 3D photos. The object is photographed from different angles and thanks to that we can see its every, even the smallest detail.

Elements necessary for a successful product photography session

Once we've learned the latest technologies that make product photography popular, we should also look at the individual elements that make up a good session:

  1. lighting - can't be too artistic. The product must present itself as closely as possible to the reality;
  2. Background - white will work best, although others may be used in a particular case;
  3. frame - the product should be in its center. Artistic variations should be avoided, but without this you can also take a picture with a very interesting frame;
  4. Processing - digital processing by specialized programs to highlight individual product features is an essential part of every session.

Product photography and its benefits

In the e-commerce industry it is actually necessary to use the help of a professional photographic company providing "product photography" services. Thanks to this, items sold in online shops gain an attractive appearance. This in turn allows customers to make the right choice and sellers to enjoy a growing turnover.

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