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Poland is an attractive market for IT experts, but this position is being jeopardized

The IT labour market in Poland is still attractive for foreign specialists, but the growing centres of outsourcing of IT services, e.g. in the Balkans, constitute real competition for it. According to IT Kontrakt estimates, the Polish market is already short of approx. 80,000 IT employees. The emerging gap can be reduced by recruiting talent from Eastern Europe, Asia and South America and the spread of remote working.

- This year we plan to increase revenues by 30% and increase employment by about 15% to 1550 people. Currently, 10% of all employees are foreigners. These are mainly specialists from Ukraine, and in recent years also from Belarus and Kazakhstan. We also see growing interest from candidates from countries such as Spain, Mexico and Brazil. They are characterized by high mobility and readiness to continuously improve their qualifications. Additionally, they very often specialize in niche and desired technologies, which are not sufficiently developed on the Polish IT market - says Tomasz Pyrak, Vice President of IT Kontrakt.

According to Eurostat data in 2016. 48% of companies in the European Union had problems with finding an IT specialist. Poland is only 26th in this ranking, which is one of the best results among Member States. Only 31% of companies could not find an ICT worker. In comparison, the 1st place Maltese had difficulties for 70% of all recruiters.

Financial expectations and development opportunities

The financial expectations of foreign applicants for senior positions are similar to those of native experts. However, their taking up a job is not only connected with economic emigration. Poland, referred to as the "IT Hub" of Europe, is an excellent place to gather experience in diverse projects. They are later highly valued in Western Europe or Scandinavian countries if the visiting specialists decide to relocate again.

IT development in Poland

- Poland is attractive for foreigners. The main reason for the growing number of foreign job applicants is the professional development opportunities offered to them and work for global brands on prestigious projects. IT specialists are also one of the best paid professional groups, where salaries are rising the fastest - about 6-7 % per year. The second trend is the Poles returning to Poland after a few years spent abroad. The reason is the longing for family, but also attractive employment offers on the Polish market for specialists with extensive experience - says Magdalena Brylska, Talent Acquisition Director in IT Kontrakt.

Poland must fight to maintain its leading position on the IT services market

To maintain the attractiveness of the Polish offshore and nearshore market in the IT industry, it is necessary to create a friendly business environment. In Central and Eastern Europe the IT services markets, competitive for Poland, are developing. These include the Balkan countries which offer lower prices to customers and more favourable conditions for professionals. For example, in Romania, income taxes have been reduced and allowances for those working in the sector have been introduced to encourage educated professionals to stay in the country and develop the local market.

- If we do not want to lose the European leadership in the outsourcing of ICT services, the whole industry, together with the government, must take concrete steps to improve competitiveness. I mean here changes in the tax system and various types of reliefs and subsidies supporting development - says Leszek Kowalczykiewicz, IT Kontrakt President.

In the ranking on global service sector location prepared by A.T. Kearney in 2017. (taking into account such criteria as financial attractiveness, skills and availability of employees as well as business environment) in the top 15 are only two European countries - Poland in 12th place and Bulgaria investing in outsourcing in 15th place. Romania, located in 18th place, has the largest number of ICT employees in Central and Eastern Europe (110 thousand) 10 thousand more than Poland in 2nd place (report by Brainspotting recruitment company - IT&C Talent Map Romania 2017-2018). According to data from the National Bank of Romania, revenues from the outsourcing of telecommunications services amounted to 2016. 2.5 trillion and will increase in the coming years.

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