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Presta Shop positioning on the Presta Shop platform

Setting up your own webshop is an undertaking that involves taking care of a lot of minor matters. You can know your trade and industry perfectly well, and at the same time create an e-shop that will not be successful at all. Selling on the Internet is governed by its own laws and requires knowledge of e-commerce rules. How to advertise, position oneself, how to create and organize a website to function? Services such as Presta Shop come in handy. How does the Presta Shop platform work?

Presta Shop is an e-commerce platform. This is full software for online shops. It is used by almost 40% of e-shops in Poland, although the platform is a solution created in France. The platform is distinguished by the comprehensive nature of its services. It allows you to create a functional, good online store that meets the times and trends. What's more, it doesn't require any immersion in IT issues or even online advertising. The shop owner can remain a salesman and an expert in his field, and Presta Shop takes care of the rest. Thanks to the platform you can not only start selling in Poland, but also go beyond the borders of your own country. It allows to effectively share content and build brand awareness. From the platform position you can also completely manage your shop, products and sales process. Presta Shop also allows for e-commerce-important website positioning.

Presta Shop positioning on the Presta Shop platform

Presta Shop is home to the largest number of Polish online shops, both those operating only within the country and those selling abroad. There are special positioning techniques that provide better results due to the knowledge of the platform and its specifics. The Presta Shop platform itself provides two tools to help you position your shop. SEO Expert generates personalized, unique content for the elements taken into account during the ranking of pages in search engines (it makes it easier to determine the right title and description of the product, as well as relevant keywords working for the benefit of the store). SEO performance enables automatic filling in of ALT tags for product images. SEO Image helps to create new, shorter URLs that translate into optimized positioning. A shop owner who has at least a basic knowledge and skills in positioning will certainly take advantage of these opportunities.

You can also meet with a special offer of companies dealing with professional positioning, which assumes services addressed to shop owners operating on the Presta Shop platform.

Presta Shop - is it worth setting up a shop on the platform?

Presta Shop belongs to so-called Open Source platforms. This means that a person setting up an account and opening a shop via the platform receives full insight into the site code and the right to make any changes to it. Thanks to this, you can freely change the shape of the page, combine it with external services and solutions. Of course, the full potential is available for people who have experience and skills in complex code editing. For less experienced users, Presta Shop has created an accessible, friendly administration panel. The possibilities offered by the use of this platform are really huge. Its decisive advantage is also its efficiency.

Presta Shop is definitely a noteworthy solution - both for those who expect freedom in shop management and for the less experienced, expecting support and guidance through related processes.

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