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How to listen to the Anta radio over the Internet?

Did you know that you can listen to the Radio Anta without a traditional receiver? This is possible by having a device with Internet access, such as a computer, phone or tablet. All you have to do is go to the right website and you're done. You will find many radio stations on the network, which make their broadcasts available completely free of charge. All you have to remember is to connect to a fast and stable network. The quality of music on Internet radio not only matches that of traditional radio receivers, but is often even better.

How to listen to the Anti-Radio via computer? Just go in: https://radio.pinbook.pl/antyradio and you choose the play button. This is a very simple and convenient solution. You don't even need additional programs to play back. Just what's already on your computer. If you already tried to listen to the radio on the Internet a few years ago, it was very complicated.

How to listen to the Radio Antenna on the phone?

If you want to listen to the Radio Antenna or any other station while working or on the move, using your mobile device, you can use the website above. The whole procedure is the same as on the computer. The second way to listen to the Anti-Radio on the phone is to download the appropriate application, which will make listening to Internet radio even easier. All you have to do is enter the app store on your phone, for example "AppStore". The next step is to enter the password "radio" in the place designed to search for applications. The search results should include many free apps that you can use to listen to the radio on your phone. The largest radio stations provide their listeners with mobile apps that allow them to listen to only a selected station.

What Internet connection will be suitable for listening to this type of radio? First, make sure you are using a WIFI network or network cable. It doesn't pay to listen to the Internet radio via the mobile network. You can quickly use the entire data transfer limit. The connection should be 128 kbps. If you are simultaneously listening to the radio and working with the Internet, the connection should be much larger so that nothing interferes with the transmission. The advantage of listening to Internet radio is access to radio stations from abroad, which is not possible with traditional radio. Listening to foreign radio stations is a good way to learn a foreign language.

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