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Versum - a tool to suit the hair & beauty industry

Tools that make running your own business easier are becoming increasingly popular. They speed up work and reduce paperwork. Versum is a program that has been developed based on the needs of the hair & beauty industry. Learn about the functions designed to manage your hairdressing salon, beauty parlour and spa.

Remote access 24/7

Versum allows you to manage your business from anywhere in the world. Just carry your computer, tablet or smartphone with you. All salon data can be accessed by logging into the system. Thanks to this, the owner or manager can look after the functioning of the company even when he or she cannot be in the living room alone.

Functional schedule

Until recently, a paper schedule was a must for every beauty salon. Today, in many places, he has been driven out by Versum. A virtual calendar allows you to easily save and modify appointments. What's more, it also gives you quick access to a customer database which stores a lot of important information about them (e.g. dates of visits or preferred services).

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Online bookings

The online visit reservation system is the future of the hair & beauty industry. Clients are more and more eager to arrange treatments over the Internet. Companies using Versum can make a simple online booking form available on their website or on Facebook, which is automatically synchronized with the schedule in the living room. They can also place their business card on Moment.pl - a portal for Internet reservations.

Automatic SMS or email reminders

A big problem of hairdressing salons and beauty salons are forgotten customers who do not come to treatments. By using Versum, you can significantly reduce missed visits. The system has been equipped with a function of sending automatic reminders 24 hours before the agreed date. They are delivered by SMS or e-mail.

Automatic marketing

With Versum you can easily create an SMS or email marketing campaign aimed at a specific audience. You can use it to inform about the current offer or invite you to take advantage of the promotion. Automatic messages are also a good way to make wishes on your birthday or on the occasion of upcoming holidays. Thanks to such actions you can easily build a positive image of the company.

Reports and statistics

Automatic reports and statistics are created on an ongoing basis in Versum. You can view them in the system, print them or export them to Excel. Tracking them allows for constant control of the situation in the company. They will help you easily optimize costs, plan orders, increase revenue and stay ahead of the competition.

Loyalty program

With Versum, you can easily implement a proven loyalty program in your living room. It will make sure that every new person visiting your salon will soon join the circle of regular customers. The system will help to develop a marketing strategy, create an awards catalogue and find brand ambassadors.

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