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Neo-Vinci presents the eQuest platform

Neo-Vinci presents the eQuest platform, which is used to educate and educate a selected group of recipients with a parallel analysis of epidemiological data.

Neo-Vinci - a marketing agency focusing on pharma marketing - introduces a new, innovative product to the market. This is the eQuest platform. This platform will allow its users to enrich their knowledge and to collect and use information in parallel that would not be available to them in any other way.


The provision of key data in the medical and pharmaceutical sector should be more than just a response to the needs of this sector. Neo-Vinci is an agency that wanted to find a way not only to meet these needs, but also to systematically improve the quality of healthcare services.

Using its many years of experience in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, Neo-Vinci has created the eQuest platform. It is a system that serves to raise competence through systematic provision of knowledge together with parallel analysis of preferences of selected target groups. It also allows to monitor the progress of the education process started. One of its most interesting features is that it allows to easily create an educational channel for a selected target group.

The eQuest platform, supported by the Ideo Global accelerator, is one of 121 startups that took part in the Scale UP program.


Neo-Vinci marketing agency is involved in providing relevant products related to the pharmaceutical and medical sectors. The Agency's goal is to raise awareness among its clients. It also has a positive impact on the quality of health and life not only of eQuest system users, but also all those who use the services of Neo-Vinci customers.

"Neo-Vinci, as an agency with extensive experience in creating solutions for the medical-pharmaceutical industry, has built an effective platform to meet the needs of each of the parties involved in the healthcare sector. eQUEST is a comprehensive solution, allowing to reach a selected group of recipients, bind them for a longer period of time and obtain statistical and epidemiological data so important nowadays. We are proud that a growing number of our customers are not only pharmaceutical companies, but increasingly often also scientific societies and universities. We are convinced that the year 2018 and the following years will bring new opportunities for the implementation of our solutions, thus creating even greater potential for development of the eQUEST platform and related products. " - Arthur Konefał, CEO of Neo-Vinci

Neo-Vinci is currently involved in a number of projects on a national scale, which will use the agency's own solutions.

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