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Marketing Automation will improve your e-business

Automation of marketing is a new trend with many benefits. It is a key factor that allows marketers to save more time, and thus they can perform primarily on the very creation of the strategy, rather than on the repetitive performance of individual actions. So when we talk about the biggest advantages of Marketing Automation, we have to mention the increased efficiency of the work done by the marketing department, which is in the interest of the company as a whole.

The implementation of the iPresso system itself does not always proceed in the same way, however, as a rule, it is most often inaugurated by the introduction of data that were collected in an earlier period into its structures. Already at this stage you can see the benefits, which allow you to improve the work of the marketing department.

Surveys conducted among people using Marketing Automation indicate that for almost half of them the greatest advantage of the solution discussed here is that it frees them from the need to perform tedious and repetitive tasks. Until now, these tasks were an integral part of their work and often made it difficult to focus on really important goals. The system works perfectly, among other things, because you can import into it all those contact databases that we have collected earlier. At the same time, a set of information about them is entered into the system together with contacts assigned to specific segments.


For iPresso, as is the case with other systems of this type, segmentation based on attributes, tags and categories is characteristic. This allows us to quickly select the data that we need at a given moment, without having to break away from the main project or delegate a separate employee to this task. Thanks to the use of precise information, it is possible to conduct advertising campaigns aimed at precisely defined target groups of recipients, and thus, one can count on better results of such undertakings. Each of the contacts can also have a matching offer, which will increase the chance to buy.

The mere introduction of our contact database to the system is an extremely valuable solution. It enables the generation of reports relating to the demographic profile, which allows for immediate answers to questions about preferred client groups and their actual response to the campaign prepared by us. We also cannot underestimate the fact that when we deal with once generated reports, we can count on them to be updated in real time. What's more, the update will include new contacts even if they have already been added to the database after the first report has been generated. So when we add another group of contacts, we can immediately see how it has affected the demographic structure of our base.

Of course, segmentation in Marketing Automation systems does not only include standard demographic data. Marketing professionals may also analyse the activities performed by contacts (behavioural data). At the same time, it is worth bearing in mind that the mere collection of this information by the system does not require the marketer's involvement. Everything happens in the background and is done automatically.
Speaking of activities, one should not forget about lead scoring, i.e. the point evaluation of contacts, for which the level of their activity is crucial. The importance of this solution is best demonstrated by the fact that its use is declared by nearly seventy percent of companies that are known to be leaders in their industries. Interestingly, when we analyze companies that are not doing well on the market, the ratio is slightly less than 30 percent.

Lead scoring can be additionally enriched with the characteristics of contacts, which in the scientific literature has already become known as demographic scoring. It is thanks to the combination of both methods that a marketer can gain a picture of which contacts from his base are closest to making a purchase, and in which case further marketing activities are necessary.
Another advantage of Marketing Automation systems is that all activities relating to potential customers take place on a single platform. It is the one that allows not only to add them to individual segments, but also to lead scoring and even to send out a campaign.

Marketing Automation is a marketing technology that is characterised, among other things, by the fact that it provides the highest return on investment. This is the opinion expressed by nearly 60 percent of respondents in a survey commissioned by the Survey Report, which may be considered a particularly convincing recommendation. This system provides valuable support for the marketing department already at the stage of building and managing the database. Its effectiveness allows the employees of this department to focus on both the planning of the campaign and the setting of its strategic objectives.

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