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Improving the operating system

The longer we use our laptop, the more data we have on it. Often we don't need anything, only slowing down the computer. Today we're telling you what to do to make your operating system work better.

Unnecessary applications, old drivers or remnants of updates - all this clogs up our computer unnecessarily. In counteracting the signs of computer aging, the appropriate configuration of the tool to optimize the performance of the PC helps to develop good habits.

For a good start.

Optimisation does not necessarily have to be done with old machines. The new laptop immediately comes with an application package. We'll probably never use half of them, some of them are trial versions that will expire after a month. We can safely get rid of unnecessary programs, plug-ins for web browsers or advertising links in the Start Menu. PC Decrapifier will help us find them. You have to be careful not to remove the necessary things - applications prepared by the manufacturer or Windows components.

In a healthy computer...

Before you start working on a new device, it is worthwhile to install some necessary programs to optimize system options. As for the antivirus program, the built-in Windows Defender should provide sufficient protection. If you use it, you don't need to install another antivirus. Two antivirus programs should not work in parallel. You need to make sure you have a backup copy in case your computer crashes, and make sure you have automatic driver and application updates for Windows enabled.

In daily use

To take care of your operating system during everyday work with your computer, let's start by not littering it with programs installed for a while. Every such installation leaves a trace. It is also worth storing as few files and directories as possible on your desktop. To prevent your computer from booting for too long, limit the number of applications that start automatically at startup. You can use Autoruns to clear the motorway from unnecessary applications.

Learn more about how to take care of your operating system at LenovoZone: https://lenovozone.pl/blog/jak-dbac-o-system/.

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