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High performance in a miniature design

In most cases, if we want to buy a laptop with high performance, we have to accept quite large dimensions, at least 15.6 inches, weight and relatively short working time on one charge. Fortunately, we can find alternatives on the market with comparable performance at work, but with much smaller dimensions. Admittedly, the price for such miniaturization is very high, but if someone has specific needs, they will surely find a device with appropriate parameters.

For many users, the concept of a high-performance laptop is quite different. Some associate them with smoothness in demanding games and the ability to run them in the highest possible settings, while others focus on the comfort of working with many demanding programs at the same time while saving energy, which translates into a long time of working on a single charge. What's more, mobility, which is very compact in size and low in weight, means that working even on the train cannot be an excessive problem.

Laptops with a fairly small screen size - about 12 inches - and high performance were prepared for such a specific audience. All this is packaged in a sleek design and equipped with a powerful battery, so even hours of work on the go won't force us to look for an outlet to plug in the charger. After finishing work, you just need to put the equipment in a travel bag or backpack - dimensions not much bigger than a notebook is a great convenience. So let's get to know the right proposals for our requirements.

One of them is the HP EliteBook 820 model. Very decent components have been enclosed in an almost miniature case. This includes a sixth generation Intel Core i5 processor (Skylake) with 6300U and Turbo mode up to 3GHz, supported by 4 GB of DDR RAM with the ability to expand to as much as 32 GB, which makes this device future-proof. A 500GB HDD has been prepared for the data, although nothing stands in the way of replacing the HDD with an SSD and significantly improving overall system performance.

The Intel HD Graphics 520 displays an image on a 12.5" matte LED matrix with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. However, using the Display Port we can connect an external monitor of any diagonal and resolution up to 4K. In addition, the manufacturer used two USB 3.0 ports and one USB Type C port. The whole thing with the battery weighs just over 1.3 kg and looks really elegant and stylish.

A very interesting proposal that will meet all requirements is also the Toshiba Tecra Z40. At a price just over 5000 PLN you will find a version equipped with a sixth generation Intel Core i5 processor (Skylake) 6200U with a clock up to 2.8 GHz and support from 8 GB of RAM with the possibility of expansion to 16 GB. The 256GB SSD is designed for data and programs. The image is transmitted via the Intel HD Graphics 520 integrated graphics card to a 14-inch Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixel) screen. Although it is a slightly larger model compared to its predecessor, 1.5 inches more will not affect mobility, but will provide more workspace and better image quality.

The device is equipped with three USB ports in 3.0 standard, SmartCard reader, HD camera and fingerprint reader. This combination, packed in a really tasteful and very elegant case, makes Toschiba Tecra Z40 the ideal business solution at a price of about 5000 PLN.

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