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Artificial intelligence will help you in your business. We're telling you how to use it

Global Artificial Intelligence Business (AI) revenue already reaches nearly $644 million and will increase to nearly $37 billion over the next eight years! Today, almost every business sector can benefit from such inventions.

The significant revenues resulting from the implementation of software related to AI can be expected by companies operating in business, advertising, financial or investment services, as well as media or entertainment, reports financierworldwide.com.

Above all, significant time savings are crucial. An example? In America, one of the companies worked on a compilation that showed the reasons for treating patients in the hospitals there. When she was looking for professional analysts, it turned out that it would take several months to prepare a statement, based on several hundred parameters. The final use was therefore made of the Einstein system, which was created by Salesforce, an IT company that is organizing the industry conference Salesforce Essentials on 11 May. Einstein did an ambitious job in... just two hours!

Such a quick collation of data makes business decisions much easier. Just for the clothing stores, for example. After downloading the weather forecast data for the next few days, Einstein could immediately compare it with the available packaging in the store. This way the owners would know what is best to sell in the near future and what to expose to customers.

Einstein is also able to plan the shipment of goods, for example, by analyzing e-mails and the calendar. So if a new customer finds out at the very beginning that they are worried about the shipment arriving on time, and the last packages took a week to reach the addressee, the system will automatically suggest that the order be given priority.

No more fashion, but necessity?

As much as 90 percent of all information circulating in the world today has been produced in the last two years alone, bbc.com reports. - We already produce over 2.5 billion gigabytes a day. And they're included literally everywhere - from statements that show financial transactions to simple social networking posts.

- No wonder that artificial intelligence is becoming not so much a fashionable solution as a necessary one. The solutions based on it are used today by online shops, which create lists of products and discounts dedicated to specific customers, banks, which compare activities on account with their own offer, or advertising agencies which send personalized newsletters. Literally everyone! - comments Katarzyna Kowalska from Salesforce, who on 11 May during the Salesforce Essentials conference will present, among others, the possibilities of using the Einstein system.


Salesforce - manufacturer of one of the leading customer relationship management (CRM) software. She uses cloud computing technology and has also developed the Einstein system, based on the use of artificial intelligence.

On May 11th, 2017, in the Hotel DoubleTree by Hilton in Warsaw, the Salesforce Essentials conference will be held to present such Salesforce solutions as Salesforce: Einstein, Commerce Cloud, Quip, or Lightning. Representatives of companies connected with the latest mobile, cloud and social technologies will also be present.

You can take part in the conference for free, just register at https://www.salesforce.com/eu/events/details/essentials-warsaw-11052017/.

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