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Affiliation programmes

In modern business, it is sometimes worth resorting to using someone else's creativity and work to develop one's own business. Affiliation programs are an effective way to achieve this at little own cost. Let's try to define them more closely and think about how they work and how we can implement them in our business.

What is it?

We often use a substitute name for affiliate programs. They operate between at least three parties: the owner of the site that places the advertisements, the seller offering the products or services and the customer. On the basis of contracts concluded, links to the seller's website are placed on the website, which are most often hidden under a pictorial form. Based on the clicks on a link or interest in and purchase of the product underneath, the profits of the site owner are calculated.

How do you do that?

In recent years, affiliate programs are becoming more and more popular also in Poland, that is why so-called affiliate networks have been established to collect large amounts of advertisements. Before joining the program, it is worthwhile to determine the target group, i.e. visitors to the site and persons potentially interested. In this way, we can earn more viewers and gain additional commission for displaying ads. This solution is particularly beneficial for newly established online shops and companies advertising products whose transactions do not take place directly online.

Types of payment

The method of accounting may be determined on the basis of the number of visits to the advertised website, taking into account the commission for the purchase of the product, or on the basis of the number of advertisement impressions. When the "cost per click" method is adopted, the advertiser pays for each click, in the "cost per lead" method the number of people involved is important, and in the "cost per room" method the owner receives a commission for the products purchased. Clearing may also operate on a mixed basis or be defined in a long-term programme.

Affiliation in reflink.io

When taking the first steps in affiliate programs, it is worthwhile to use professional help first. In Reflink you can find a set of tools for creating a campaign, registering its partners and helping with the correct billing. All these elements are essential for launching and successfully piloting the campaign. Reflink also enables you to run several campaigns of different scope at the same time, which will optimally increase your profits.

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