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Torque wrenches - what are they for and how to use them?

The name of the torque wrench is known to every car mechanic. No wonder, after all, you can find several pieces of this tool in every workshop. It is used to tighten the screws. Perhaps many readers will find that there is no deeper philosophy in tightening bolts and nuts, so why use any special device? Few people are aware that badly screwed-in screws can lead to much bigger failures. What is important is the force we use to perform these activities. Most screws can be removed by hand or with a classic wrench. We do it on purpose, without even thinking about damaging it. So how to use a torque wrench and why is it so important?

How does the torque wrench work?

The elementary part of the torque wrench is a special spring, which changes its length during use. This is actually pure physics, which many of us are trying to forget. Forced action was first described by an English scientist Robert Hook in the 17th century.

In addition, the torque wrench is equipped with a scale that shows us what force we used (its value is given in Newtons). Probably many people ask themselves why it is so important to use the right force?

It happens that using too much force when unscrewing or screwing the screws results in the destruction of other elements. This is most often the case in cars that are packed with bigger and smaller bolts and nuts. If we tighten certain parts too tightly, we may cause the whole system to malfunction. This is especially true when the screws connect different surfaces, such as steel and aluminium.

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It is worth noting that the torque wrench should be in every car. This way, we can easily screw the wheel in case of failure or change the bulbs in the headlamp. We will also save a lot of time and money, because we will not have to run to a garage with every fault and pay quite a lot of money for even the smallest repairs. The torque wrench can be useful in many other situations, e.g. during renovation or smaller repairs at home.

Where to buy a torque wrench?

As mentioned earlier, torque wrenches can be useful in many breakdowns not only in the car but also at home. That's why it's worth buying a tool, so we can make things easier for ourselves. So where to buy such a device? It is worth using the services of a professional company that specializes in the distribution of such tools. This way, customers can be sure that they are buying top-of-the-line products. In addition, a special company offers calibration services for various types of dynamometric tools. If we are not sure which product will suit our needs the most, it is worthwhile to use the help of professional shop staff.

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