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Subwoofers - why invest?

A subwoofer is definitely an offer worth noting when looking for the right equipment for our home cinema. It is a super bass speaker in stereo systems, used to play sounds of very low frequencies. Many sets already contain such a speaker, but when you try to create your own home theater, it's worth knowing where to look for the right products. There are passive and active subwoofers, although the former is already less and less common, because active subwoofers already have an amplifier built in. By investing in such devices, you will gain sound quality that you can not only hear but also feel. They also provide convenience because if you don't want them to take up too much space in your home theater, it's worth investing in flat subwoofers that won't lose their value, but will match your appearance.

Nautilus - Perfect sound

On the Nautilus you will find everything you need. We have different models and sizes to suit you! These are usually active speakers. They are robustly built, providing adequate sound insulation against resonance. You can control them with a digital signal processor, which can be used to adjust room acoustics and personal sound preferences. It was also created with your comfort in mind. It has two low and high level inputs so you can connect it directly to your amplifier or home theater decoder. Depending on which model you choose, you can also adjust the design you need by, for example, choosing the right colour. Subwoofers from Nautilus have an elegant design that lets you choose one that fits your home theater. All models contain high-end components and are manufactured by hand. Each of our speakers is, above all, incredibly dynamic.

On our part, we would like to draw attention to Music 7 speakers. It is a three-legged stereo module with two bass speakers and dedicated amplifiers, with a total power of 300 W. It provides the right sound in the room. You often have to touch one button to operate the subwoofer, and you also get a remote control. Music 7 from Nautilus will automatically adjust its sound to any acoustics. Even when moved from place to place, this speaker adapts to your individual needs.

Where are we looking for subwoofers?

Please visit our website if you have any questions related to our offer. In addition, you can turn to us when you want to create a model that you will want to design yourself. Not only the sound, but also its appearance will be adjusted so that it becomes a necessary element of your decor or home cinema. On our website you will find detailed technical data of a given product. Find us in Krakow at 24 Malborska Street or in Warsaw at 45/U4 Kolejowa Street.

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