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Lenses and their types

Our eyes are a precious gift to care for. Unfortunately, with age, vision deteriorates. This is influenced by a number of factors, including our lifestyle, in which we now very often spend most of the day in front of the screens of computers or smartphones. Fortunately, lenses provide invaluable help for our eyes. What types of lenses do we distinguish? Where is it best to buy them?

Spectacle lenses

The lenses used in glasses affect the quality of vision. So it is worth to choose the highest quality product. You can choose organic lenses that are extremely impact- and crack-resistant and at the same time lightweight and comfortable when applied to the surface. These are lenses that can be used for solid and stranded frames. It is good to know that all lenses that are out of stock can be ordered as a recipe. Optimisation is also possible free of charge. The lenses may also contain various types of special coatings that give them additional properties. When looking for the perfect lens, you may come across this type of marking:
HARD - stands for best paint hardening in the production of H8 lenses,
SET - is a varnish hardening, multi-layer anti-reflection and hydrophobic and antistatic coating on the inside of the lens.
HSMC - stands for varnish hardening, multi-layer anti-reflection, hydrophobic and antistatic coating and residual reflection,
LOTUS - is an exclusive anti-reflective coating that has an antistatic effect as well as a special condensing effect for water and oily substances.
LED PROTECT - means an integrated oleophobic coating with a colourless filter blocking harmful blue light. It's perfect for computer work.
contact lenses

Contact lenses

Although glasses can often add charm and character, not everyone feels good in them. Moreover, sometimes it is simply uncomfortable to use them, especially for active people. Steaming, dirty glasses that are exposed to glass breakage can be discouraged. This is why more and more people who wear traditional glasses opt for contact lenses. They are not only more comfortable and do not interfere with the external appearance, but also provide clearer vision. When buying contact lenses, it is worth to opt for those made of silicone and hydrogel material. Contact lenses vary in the length of time you can use them. We stand out:
- Day lenses that do not require special care because they are discarded after one day of wear,
- Two-week, monthly or quarterly lenses, i.e. lenses that are intended to be used at a specific time. In this case, you must remember to take them off every day, rinse them with a special liquid and store them in a box designed for this purpose. After a certain period of use, they must be replaced with new ones.
- Continuous wear lenses, which thanks to the use of modern technologies let more air through, so they are safe for continuous use, usually for about 7 days.

Where to buy lenses?

Lenses are best bought in optical wholesalers, which offer a wide range of products at good prices. It is worth to get acquainted with the offer of AVM Target wholesaler, which offers the highest quality of various types of lenses. When you choose lenses from AVM, you will appreciate the quality of vision they provide.

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