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Integration of XTRF with MemoQ - modern support for a translation agency

XTRF is a tool without which no coordinator employed in a large translation company can imagine his work. It gives options not only for entering texts and checking their correctness, but also a wide range of possibilities to control orders coming into the company, supervise sales processes, payments, creating invoices and various databases of orders, templates and clients cooperating with the company. It also facilitates communication between clients and employees thanks to an internal e-mail module. Thanks to this solution, many processes taking place in the company are automated. This tool also gives many improvements to the translators themselves, who can enter their text templates in the program.

XTRF increases the dynamics of work in the organization

Another important function of XTRF is the ability to integrate it with other CAT (computer-assisted translation) programs, such as MemQ. It is a program that improves and accelerates translators' work through such solutions as text segmentation, building terminology databases and creating translation memories. Thanks to these options, it is possible to create customer-specific text templates (e.g. for thematically similar orders) and to construct texts with high linguistic and terminological consistency. This solution is particularly popular with translators who create texts for a specific industry. The program allows you to work with files of many different formats, from traditional docs., xls. or rtf files to files previously made in Excel, PowerPoint or Adobe InDesign.

Creating and completing the translation memory on an ongoing basis makes work even faster, as the program recognizes a sentence that was previously translated and allows it to be used again. MemQ is very simple to use and you can learn the basics within an hour. It is also addressed to people who are not advanced computer users. The possibility of integration with other translation programs enables cooperation with people working on different systems and in other offices, which has a very good impact on the rhythm of working together. The program is equipped with an extensive internal memory, which allows you to save batches of text, so that you do not lose the results of your work.

Comprehensive translation company support

XTRF enables communication between contractors using CAT-type programs. It supports the dynamics of work of people employed in different parts of the world. It also allows you to control the quality of their work and increase their efficiency, reducing the number of repetitive activities. As the system also contains information about financial operations, it is equipped with security features that prevent data from falling into the wrong hands. It also allows you to create sales strategies and monitor the resulting company profits and support the company in accounting.

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