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How to choose cosmetic furniture - a short guide

When equipping a beauty salon, there are many things to remember. The equipment with which the treatments are carried out is of particular importance. In addition, each room in the office must meet precisely defined sanitary requirements. Not only creams, tools for mesotherapy, laser treatments or microdermabrasion are needed in a beauty salon. Each beauty salon should be equipped with good quality furniture. They are the company's business card, increase the comfort of customers and facilitate the work of beauticians. What to pay attention to when choosing cosmetic furniture?

Safety and convenience in particular

When buying cosmetic furniture, the first thing to pay attention to is safety certificates. Occupational health and safety is the basis for obtaining permission to start a business. Each product should comply with all ergonomic principles. Ergonomics is a science that deals with adapting work to the psychophysical conditions of a person. This includes the choice of furniture, e.g. for office work. The rules of ergonomics can also be applied to hairdressing or cosmetic furniture. Well-chosen furniture is comfortable for customers and also makes the work of professional beauticians easier.

In beauty parlours you will need armchairs and special beds. Everything, of course, depends on what treatments can be found in the offer of a given plant. Each of this furniture must be adjustable in height. Seats should have footrests, headrests and armrests. Thanks to them, the clients will be able to arrange themselves comfortably during the care procedures.

Ayala cosmetic furniture

All components should be made of easy-to-clean plastic. Creams, scrub masks and other substances will be used in the cosmetics plant, which may leave plans. Dirty furniture will not look aesthetically pleasing and will certainly not encourage customers to visit again. Therefore, the furniture should be wiped after each operation. The appearance of the furniture is also important. Each living room has a different decoration. The individual elements should form a coherent whole. Furniture in a beauty salon is not just about chairs. Each living room should be equipped with wardrobes and shelves in which cosmetics can be buried.

Where to buy professional cosmetic furniture

Currently, there are many companies on the market that deal with distribution of cosmetic and hairdressing furniture. It is worth buying the ones that are appreciated by employees from both industries. That's why the opinions that can be found on the Internet are important. Some of the most appreciated products are made by Ayala. For many years the company has been designing equipment for beauty and hairdressing salons. The collected experience and users' opinions influenced the creation of a collection of functional products. An unquestionable advantage is the materials from which individual models are made. They are aesthetic, easy to clean. Attention was also paid to their quality, so there is no need to replace the furniture every 2 years. These products will serve us many years.

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