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What is a multi-room system?

Thanks to the constant development of technology, we are able to take advantage of newer and newer opportunities, which make our everyday life easier. Among such options is multiroom - a modern service that distributes sound and video to many independent rooms. How does a multi-room work and what are its benefits? Explains Nautilus expert.

What is a multi-room?

The multi-room service consists of distributing audio and video to different, independent zones. Unlike other home multimedia systems, a multi-room allows you to listen to different music from one device at the same time in each room equipped with speakers. It can be used by a certain number of users simultaneously. The multi-room loudspeakers are built into walls or ceilings and remain invisible. The only multi-room tool in the zone outside the speakers is the control device. The rest of the equipment for operating the multi-room system is placed in a specially prepared place from which signals are distributed throughout the facility by means of pre-installed cabling. The definition of a multi-room system will be presented by quoting the NAUTILUS company's website that makes such installations:

"Multiroom is the distribution of sound and video to many independent rooms. "Multi' means two or more zones, and such a system can be implemented in a classical, wired or convenient wireless manner'. - instal.nautilus.net.pl.

In multi-room video or sound distribution systems there is a central unit that distributes the signal independently to each room according to the individual expectations of users. The heart of the multi-room system in the case of sound distribution can be a radio or internet tuner, a music file server, or an iPhone, which can be connected to the system using a special adapter. Sometimes, although the digital disc player is also used less and less frequently. The image in a multi-room system can be delivered via disc players, SAT TV tuners, cable TV, the Internet or a computer. The entire system is controlled remotely by means of a portable control panel. Operation of the multi-room system is very simple and is usually done with the keyboard, touch screen or remote control. You can also use a tablet or smartphone running on iOS or Android to operate the multiroom system. For this purpose, it is necessary to download the appropriate application to the device. This allows you to change audio sources, adjust the volume, select radio stations and music albums, create playlists, and even set music to wake up. The loudspeakers are arranged according to your creativity and needs.

multiroom system

Multiroom system control console. Implementation of Nautilus company (source: https://instalacje.nautilus.net.pl/uslugi/multiroom/)

Benefits of having a multiroom service

The main advantages of the multi-room system are the comfort and convenience of users. It allows you to listen to music and display images wherever you feel like it - in the kitchen, living room or bathroom. There is no need to buy additional equipment for each room. There are also no misunderstandings about the different preferences of individual family members. If you have several TVs at home, all of them can be operated with a multi-room system. This way a different channel can be watched in each room. A great advantage is also the improvement of the aesthetics of the interior of our house and a better management of its space. Multiroom allows you to hide all sources and amplifiers of audio and video in the center, which can be a specially designated room for this purpose. This has a significant impact on the aesthetics of the house interior. Instead of huge columns, which we don't always have anywhere to set up, especially in the kitchen and bathroom, small speakers are placed in walls or ceilings, and instead of many devices, small controllers are installed in walls.

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