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Power supply cables and interconnects

Various types of power cables are widely used in the modern world of electronics. On the one hand, they provide access to the power source, by connecting the device, via the power cable to the power source. Others allow you to access the Internet or connect several devices to each other. The latter type of cable is called interconnect.

Does the quality of the cable affect the transmission of information?

The materials and the way the cables are made play an important role in their later functioning. This is particularly evident in the case of interconnect. If we have purchased new playing equipment, such as speakers or subwoofers, do not meet our expectations, it does not always have to be a hardware defect. A common reason for poor quality sound transmission is the use of connections between devices using poor quality cables. Poorly made insulation, low class conductive materials can significantly affect the quality of transmitted information.

Wired and wireless internet - fast information transfer.

When accessing the Internet, the connection speed plays a strategic role. This way, your favorite videos on youtube load up in seconds and watching a feature film on one of the pages will not be a problem. It happens, however, that the quality of our Internet is falling, the image is jammed, the videos are silent. Sometimes the supplier or neighbour is blamed for this, "who steals our WiFi net". However, in the transmission of digital information, especially in the case of the Internet, the quality of the power cables used has a huge impact on whether we will be able to use the full speed of the Internet connection.

High quality power cables and interconnects

Products offered in the Nautilus shop come from reputable suppliers. The high quality of the products and the manufacturers' awareness of the future use of cables, combined with experience and excellent materials, translates into high quality connectors ensuring the transmission of information at the highest level. Thanks to their use, both the speakers, the picture on the TV transmitted by the set-top-box and the transfer speed will take place in the best possible way.

The most common types of interconnect

One of the most popular interconnects is NIGO V2 Tunami. It is a universal cable, because it can easily work with speakers as well as act as a network cable. In addition, its production takes place in accordance with the EU directive on the maximum possible elimination of harmful substances from the finished product, such as lead or halogen. A large amount of insulating material effectively suppresses all kinds of vibrations, inside the cable there is also a third cable whose task is to level the charges that arise at the contact of different types of insulating materials. Very technologically advanced, high quality cable is also a model of Oyaide company, type DR - 510, in which the conductor is pure silver. This ensures the uninterrupted transmission of information and its reception and processing at a high level.

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