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Intelligent CCTV surveillance systems

CCTV is an abbreviation for Closed-Circuit TeleVision, which means closed circuit television or CCTV. In its full meaning, it is an intelligent surveillance system for workplaces, public buildings and private homes. What characterizes CCTV systems?

Integrated CCTV monitoring

CCTV is a system for transmitting sound and video, using microphones and cameras, integrated with IP protocol in a computer network and NVRs. Only authorized persons are allowed to view cameras and listen to them. Specially designed safeguards protect the integrated surveillance system from being accessed by unauthorised persons.

Purpose of CCTV systems

The basic role of CCTV systems is to increase the level of security in the areas where they are located. Once used only in military facilities, banks, offices, factories or public places, today CCTV systems are more and more often installed on private property.

Image recording allows for constant surveillance of indoor and outdoor spaces. Permanent monitoring allows for quick response, e.g. in case of an attempted theft. In the absence of a security guard, the system records the events that have taken place, allowing for their reconstruction at a later stage, making it easier to identify the intruder.

intelligent CCTV surveillance systems

Where are the CCTV systems installed?

The closed monitoring system allows for effective protection of any place, such as the external and internal space of private houses, public buildings, shopping malls and companies. The system also allows for constant supervision over the recreational complex, housing estate or the vast area of the city park and district.

What does CCTV consist of and cooperate with?

CCTV systems offered by Nautilus can be integrated with alarm systems. Such solutions take a wired or wireless form. Nautilus proposes two main groups of solutions. In class C it is a professional protection complex, e.g. when securing private homes. Class S systems, on the other hand, are primarily systems selected for specific conditions, size and functionality of protected areas.

Nautilus alarm systems integrated with CCTV consist of :

  • smoke, motion, reed switches and vibration, flood and gas and smoke detectors,
  • LED or LCD screen controllers - allowing you to change settings and read out messages,
  • a central interface that groups all links, collects memory and is equipped with appropriate software.

Comprehensive technological solutions offered by Nautilus allow to design and functionally implement monitoring in almost any conditions. The customer receives a thorough training in the proper use of CCTV systems from qualified company employees. The company also offers consultation, advice and supervision of its projects and integration of installed systems with already existing solutions.

More about CCTV and other audiovisual services at https://instalacje.nautilus.net.pl/

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