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How to choose a translation agency?

We're still opening up to the world. That is why we increasingly need to use the services of a translator. This is the case for various types of contracts, theses or other important documents. Sometimes when running a business, we need to establish a permanent relationship with someone. The quality of our text depends on the competence of the person executing the order. What to pay attention to when choosing a translation agency?


What is a professional translation agency? Above all, a long experience in the market. This gives it a lot of experience in the industry. The translation agency, which has been in existence for a long time, enjoys a good reputation among clients. If there is a large list of satisfied customers on the website of a given office, it may mean that there are professionals working there with whom it is worth cooperating.

Customers' opinion

Thanks to the opinions of other people, it is easy to verify the quality of services provided by the translation agency. It is worth to find opinions about a given office and check if our predecessors were satisfied with the end result.


Translated documents are often very valuable or contain sensitive data. So it is worth to see if the company has professional liability insurance. It ensures the responsibility of the translation agency for the documents entrusted to it. This will ensure that your documents are in trusted hands.

Scope of services

Professional translation agencies usually offer a very wide range of services. They offer translation from many different languages as well as proofreading and verification. There are also translation agencies offering, among others, copywriting, language audit, interpreting or graphic services. The greater the choice of services, the better for us, because we can choose the most suitable thing for us and for our company.

translation agency

See how the office works

There's nothing wrong with asking questions. If you care about professional cooperation at the highest level, you have the right to have high expectations and to verify your chosen translation agency. The most modern ones go with the spirit of the times and benefit from the facilitations of specialized office software. They help to guide the translation process smoothly and flawlessly.

Online translation

A great convenience these days are the translation agencies that operate online. In this case, placing an order is very easy. Just send a form with the text we want to translate to the address provided. Modern translation agencies have programs that enable very fast pricing and order processing. That is why working with them is very easy.

Online translation from English

English is very popular nowadays and we can find a lot of people who undertake translations from this language. Nevertheless, or maybe that's why it is worth choosing a good translation agency. In order to offer translation services at a high level, it is not enough to know the language well, experience in this profession also counts.

A good online translation

Currently, the selection of translation agencies is very large. It's a big help for us, but let's stay alert and decide on one that will give us full satisfaction. The company that enjoys great trust and satisfaction of customers is, among others, Alingua office, offering a wide range of services and a professional approach to entrusted orders.

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