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How and why can you trace someone else's phone?

The prevalence of mobile phones gives us opportunities we have never had before. We can contact each other no matter where the other person is, what they are doing and how far they are. But mobile phones also mean less privacy - the phone you carry with you can act as a transmitter to locate you. Also thanks to the phone we can locate other people. Why do we most often decide whether it is legal at all and how can we trace someone's phone?

Why are we tracking for?

We usually track phones to find out about someone or to protect someone. You can also track your own phone - for example, if it has been lost, stolen, or simply moved home for amen.

1. children or elderly people

Giving your child the phone and calling him/her does not always help. Great fun can make a child completely forget the time to come home and a stressful parent. The location on the phone will allow you to track where he is at any time. A similar situation applies to older people with dementia or Alzheimer's syndrome. When they leave the house and get lost with a lockable phone, it will be much easier to find them.

2. other relatives

Many people also use phone tracing to test their partner's loyalty. In this way, it is possible to check whether the place she declared to have gone or gone to is where she actually resides.

3. tracing your own phone

Tracking applications are also very helpful in cases where we lose or somehow lose our phone. Lost at a party, stolen or laid out under a pile of clothes will be easier to find using the app.

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Is that legal?

While it is legal to track your own phone, a child's phone or employees' work phones, tracking your partner without his or her permission can already be a problem. Therefore, the tracing of telephones should be handled with care - not to be used to get paranoid and follow every step of people or employees, but to use it as needed.

How to trace a phone using i-mobi?

I-mobi is a very useful and eagerly used tool for tracing the phone. The whole process is based on GSM operators' transmitters and uses GPS signal. To use many applications and features, you need to register on the i-mobi portal and then subscribe to specific services. adding a tracked number only requires entering it into the database and naming it. Tracking your phone over the internet still requires you to install the appropriate application on it. The i-mobi application allows you to track a given device, and without it it it is not possible - however, it works in the background, thanks to which the traced person does not need to know that he has it on his phone. The whole process is simple, the application is intuitive to use, and the tracking is working around the clock. I-mobi works well in many life situations.

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