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Bachelor's thesis half successful!

Writing a bachelor's thesis can be quite a problem. Students often spend many hours in libraries looking for appropriate materials and resources to help them write their thesis. Then we have a tedious process of writing and systematizing the material. Often a student spends all nights on it. If we have already managed to write all the chapters and our promoter has accepted and accepted our work, all that remains is to choose the point where we will frame our work. Why is it so important to frame a bachelor's thesis?

Licence - proof of knowledge

A Bachelor's degree is a formal document to confirm that we have completed one stage of our studies and that we can continue our educational path. This is not an ordinary semester work, so it cannot be a loose collection of cards that we will present to the promoter and reviewer in an ordinary T-shirt. In most cases we have to hand in 3 copies of the thesis and each of them must be bound. Before we go to the place that will help us finish the work, we need to find out what requirements our university places on the formal elements of the thesis.

Bachelor's thesis setting

One of the points that will help us choose the right luminaire is Lobos. The bachelor's thesis must be printed; we have two options here: single-sided or double-sided printing (however, some universities stipulate that the work is to be printed on one side). The next step is to choose the type of paper. Here too, Lobos offers us many opportunities. We also have to declare whether we want to print certain elements in colour (here it may depend on whether there are reproductions of images, photos, charts, etc. in the work).


The most important thing is the choice of the luminaire: we have to decide whether the work will have a soft cover or a hard one. We can also choose the most suitable colour from four options: black, green, maroon or blue. If the student wishes, he can also order the inscription on the cover of the Bachelor's thesis. All of this adds up to the elegant look of our work, which can be given to the promoter and reviewer. The Lobos company ensures that the print is made with the use of professional equipment, so that our work will look very aesthetic.

If there is little time left to defend your thesis, you can ask for an express order, so we don't have to worry that we won't be able to present it to the committee.

Bachelor's thesis on CD

Students must also remember that for several years now every university has been obliged to attach a copy of their bachelor's thesis in a digitised form, i.e. on a CD. Such a disc must be properly marked, i.e. the author's data, as well as the index number, should be on it. Such a copy is needed for the anti-plagiarism program. This requirement will also help us meet Lobos. If the student already has all the copies of the bachelor's thesis in a beautiful and elegant setting, there is nothing left to do but to take the required documents to the Dean's Office no later than 14 days before the scheduled defence date.

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