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You want to sell over the Internet? Don't forget about SSL!

An SSL certificate is actually a standard in all major online shops. If you're planning to sell online, consider this security. Your shop will benefit, as will your customers.

The e-commerce industry is growing very fast. No wonder, more than half of Poles are already shopping online. This huge interest in e-shopping translates into a rapid increase in the number of online shops. At the end of the first half of 2019, there were already 31.7 thousand of them in Poland. This means that 2.8 thousand e-shops have increased since the end of 2018 (source: https://www.bisnode.pl/wiedza/newsy-artykuly/wzrost-liczby-sklepow-internetowych-w-polsce-w-pierwszym-polroczu-2019-r/). The trend is clear: more and more entrepreneurs are moving into the network. This in turn means more and more competition between e-shops. One of the elements that can effectively build a competitive advantage on the market is the SSL certificate. We asked Domeny.pl experts to explain how such a certificate can help the e-shop.

SSL certificate is an important investment!

An SSL certificate is a small, but very important investment. Above all, it invests in the security of both the store itself and its customers. SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a network protocol that encrypts the data sent from the user (from his web browser) to the server where the shop operates. It should be remembered that e-shops belong to those sites that process sensitive customer data, so they must take special care to protect them. The SSL certificate also allows you to meet the requirements of the RODO, whose regulations require the site administrator to encrypt user data. SSL encrypts the data, so with a small investment we meet this requirement. You should also not forget that SSL protects against phishing (data theft through a fake website).

SSL will help you get customers

However, the benefits of using SSL certificates in online shops are much greater than just ensuring security. Indirectly, such a certificate also helps to gain new customers. How's it going? First of all, the SSL certificate has a positive impact on SEO. Google search engine promotes SSL secured websites. This allows you to be higher in the search results, so the shop will find more potential customers. SSL certificate increases confidence in the shop, it can be an impulse to do shopping right here. You also need SSL to reach potential customers via Facebook. You should also not forget that Chrome's browser marks sites without SSL certificate as unsecured, and this may discourage you from shopping online.

SSL certificate is an important element of building an online store not only from the technical side, but also from the strategic side. SSL secures customer data and facilitates the implementation of business strategy, building trust in the brand and e-shop, as well as facilitating SEO.

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